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    Todd Martin Experience

Sunday, 20. January 2013

Welcome To The Todd Martin Experience!
By toddmartinexperience, 11:12

Well you made it to my blog congrats! I am genuinely glad you have chosen to visit here. I would appreciate if you take some time to leave a message in my guest book. I love finding new messages from my visitors. I hope that you will find all you were looking for here and encourage you to check out all sections of my blog before you move on.

John Philips told me that he found a great post on clarity furniture about using round picture frames in your home. I used to make different custom wood picture frames for people in the New Jersey area so it was rather neat to find an updated post on the subject. You can find the round picture frames post right here. John also told me there are some interesting posts on furniture there as well. Go figure, I was also helping put together furniture in what feels like another life to me. As John knows I enjoy putting things together with my hands so this is right up my alley.

So what else interesting is happening here at the Todd Martin Experience? Well we are putting together a poll for use on the site. We have wanted to do a poll for some time but haven't had the time to implement it yet. John put together some interesting ideas for the design of the poll that I think everyone will find exciting. We plan to get the new poll system up soon if all goes well. Don't worry we will let you know as soon as it's all ready.

Since we already talked about triple wall stove pipes above I have a question for you my readers. My question is what stove pipe is best for a stove that burns wood? A single, double, or triple wall stove pipe? I look forward to hearing your answers and why. For me I would go with a double or triple pipe. The reason for this is that I just don't think a single stove pipe setup can be efficient enough in most cases. If you have a small enough stove the single pipe may work well for you, but for me I would go with more. We may add this question as a poll once we have that option available.

Now to get to Dave Fahey's question about last weeks post. I did have to take the post down from our other blog because we are doing some remodeling and moving here. The post had to do with breakfast. Dave asked what kind of sausage do I like best. The choices were sweet, spicy or regular. Well Dave first I want to say thank you for your question and I'm glad you enjoyed my post on breakfast. I also greatly appreciate everyone's interest in our breakfast post. The response has been a bit overwhelming. Now Dave I would have to say that my favorite sausage is sweet. I don't like my sausage too sweet but a hint of sweet is great. You didn't mention your favorite sausage type in your comment. I would love to hear what kind you like best. Also if any of my visitors our there want to let me know your favorites I would greatly enjoy hearing about it.


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